Past Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions

Spring 2018 Exhibits

Jennifer Lee Jones


January 22 through March 16, 2018

Reception: Feb. 2, 2018, 5-7pm; Gallery Talk at 5:30

Jennifer Jones’ work explores the relationship between objects and the memories they trigger. Jones is fascinated by the manner in which the mind processes life events, from the extreme traumas to the soft tranquility of playing with a tea set. Each object she portrays is inextricably bound to the memory of the event.

Carolyn Wadman

Artist as Teacher from Painting and Prints to Puppets

April 2 through May 11, 2019

Reception:  April 6, 2018, 5-7pm; Gallery Talk at 5:30

Wadman is a lifelong educator in arts, having taught art classes in the U.S. Army and for many years in the Limestone Community School. She believes that diversity of knowledge in various areas of visual arts is important to the understanding of student differences and helping to inspire each to his or her potential, as, for most of us, visual expression is our first form of communication.

Fall 2017 Exhibits

Todd Camplin

UnREEDable Words, works on paper

August 28 through October 6, 2017

Reception: September 1, 2017, 5-7pm; Gallery Talk at 5:30

Todd Camplin, a resident of Texas, creates his work by abstracting text into objects/images. Words have always mystified Camplin because of his dyslexia. Camplin’s work essentially marks out text through abstraction. His abstract objects/images become the unsayable truth of any text.

Thérèse L. Provenzano

The Lay of the Land Reconsidered

October 23 through December 15, 2017

Reception:  November 3, 2017, 5-7pm; Gallery Talk at 5:30

Thérèse L. Provenzano is an American artist residing at her great-grandfather’s homestead in northern Maine. Born and raised on Long Island, New York, she settled in Maine after studying the fine arts and working as a textile print designer in Manhattan and Philadelphia. Provenzano’s pastel paintings convey quiet yet vigorous contemplation of the Maine landscape and farmland’s rolling hills.

Spring 2017 Exhibits

Heath Paley


January 17 through March 24, 2017

Reception: March 3, 2017, 5-7pm; Gallery Talk at 5:30

Downtown features intricately “stitched” photographs by Portland, Maine-based artist Heath Paley focused on downtown landmarks on Main Streets throughout the state.

SAGE Spring Art Show

Group Show

April 3 through May 19, 2017

Reception:  April 5, 2017, 5-7pm; Gallery Talk at 5:30

Works from the members of Seniors Achieving Greater Education will be on display during this special show.

Fall 2016 Exhibits

Hyrum Benson


July 25 through September 2, 2016

Reception: September 2, 2016, 5-7pm; Gallery Talk at 5:30

Hyrum Benson is starting his sixth year as Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. His favorite medium to use is clay. Containers focuses on ideas of storage, preserving, and waste; by presenting handmade ceramic storage containers and vessels that are commonly produced in plastic and other materials.

Léo-Paul Cyr

In the Company of Things

September 16 through October 21, 2016

Reception:  October 7, 2016, 5-7pm; Gallery Talk at 5:30

Léo-Paul Cyr lives in Grand Falls, N.B., Canada. He is Professor Emeritus of Art Education at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. In the Company of Things reveals the journey from the
time a stone is about to be considered as a material for artistic expression to the moment when, with physical manipulation, unique thoughtfulness, fresh consideration for design, and maybe the addition of another material, the stone no longer exists as an unnoticed object in nature but stands as a vital part in a sculpture.

Emilee Lord


November 4 through December 16, 2016

Reception: November 4, 2016, 5-7pm; Gallery Talk at 5:30

Emilee grew up in Northern Aroostook County Maine and has carried with her its stillness and its wild vastness: the wind swept fields of snow, the evergreen forests, the winding country roads and big skies. Headway/Heartland attempts to capture the essence of what it is to be a girl from the north country, what it is to have left it behind, and how she might compress these experiences into maps of her Headway and maps of her Heartland.

Spring 2016 Exhibits

Owen Smith

By the Numbers: Multiplicity, Meaning and Art

January 19 through February 27, 2016

Reception: February 5, 2016, 5-7pm; Gallery Talk at 5:30

“By the Numbers: Multiplicity, Meaning and Art” is an exhibition that spans over the past 10 years and relates to issues of how we determine value and how we construct meaning with the process of collecting.  Dr. Owen Smith is an Artist, Art Historian, Curator, Writer, and Teacher who is interested in exploring the cultural gap between art and life.  He is quite simply interested in all things in flux and Fluxus.  Smith is the Director of the Intermedia MFA program and Director of the Innovative Media, Research, and Commercialization Center both at University of Maine.

Julie Poitras Santos

O Time Your Pyramids

March 4 through April 15, 2016

Reception: March 4, 2016, 5-7pm; Gallery Talk at 5:30

Portland Artist, Julie Poitras Santos presents a unique exhibition created for the Reed Gallery.  “O Time Your Pyramids” is a quote from Jorge Luis Borges “The Library of Babel,” a parable about consciousness and our infinite desire for knowledge.   Her work explores how we translate our experiences to language and how language expresses ideas.  Santos, who is also a poet, is interested in where art and language intersect.  She currently teaches at the Maine College of Art in Portland.

Plein Air Painters of Maine


May 2 through June 12, 2016

Reception: May 6, 2016, 5-7pm; Gallery Talk at 5:30

PAPME at UMPI features original work of over 30 Plein Air Painters of Maine (PAPME) artists.  These Maine Artists are uniquely experienced in capturing their impressions of the Maine landscape and coastline that can only be experienced while painting under the open sky. On Saturday and Sunday, May 6 and 7 starting at 9am each day, you can see PAPME artists at their easels at selected sites throughout Presque Isle capturing beautiful scenes and the natural heritage of Aroostook County.  All works will be for sale.


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