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Liberal Studies

Academic Maps If your goal in college is to pursue a broad range of interests or to develop a specialized program in areas where majors are not currently offered, our Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) and Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Studies (AALS) degree programs are just what you’re looking for. The BLS option is designed by you and your academic advisor to ensure a comprehensive academic experience, while allowing flexibility in fulfilling requirements. It can serve as a terminal degree or as preparation for graduate school, professional school, or employment in business, government or industry. The AALS, a 64 credit hour program, includes a strong core of foundation courses and allows you to study selected disciplines in-depth. If you have a lot of college coursework under your belt already, our BLS and the AALS allow you to pull it all together, give it shape and complete your degree.

Several concentrations are available in addition to the General concentration, each aiming to provide workable guidelines for students interested in Business, Communication, Creative Writing, Education, or Social Science.

Online YourPace Bachelor of Liberal Studies

  • Voice and Choice

    Voice and Choice

    In our BLS and AALS programs, degrees are tailored to your needs, which means each one could look a little different.

  • Experience Counts

    Experience Counts

    If you have skills you’ve already developed, you may be able to earn college credit for it through our Prior Learning Assessment process.

  • Meeting you where you're at

    Meeting you where you're at

    So you have lots of different courses from lots of different places. Let us help you turn them into something beautiful.

  • Exciting, focused learning opportunities

    Exciting, focused learning opportunities

    Your degree may be general in name but you can still be really focused in terms of what you study. For example, if you’re interested in Education, you’ll still have a chance to explore in-the-classroom experiences.

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