Forms, Documents, and Helpful Information

Forms, Documents, and Helpful Information

As you progress through the program, you will need access to a variety of materials.  We have collected this information and provide it for you here in one easy to access location:

Creating a Verified Credentials account

We’ve partnered with Verified Credentials, LLC to help you supply the required qualifications for your program. To get started, visit the Verified Credentials website and carefully follow the instructions below:

  1. Enter the code that matches your phase:
    • Background Check: KMFTV-63786
    • Additional Requirements: HHRPW-47798
  2. Create Account/Login to your existing account
  3. Review required information
  4. Enter information
  5. Supply official documentation

NOTE: For best results, use a laptop or desktop computer to complete this process.

Many health care agencies require criminal background checks for licensed health care providers, students, and volunteers serving in health care agencies. In response to these requirements, the UMFK Division of Nursing has established a policy requiring criminal background checks of all nursing students. Students are responsible for contacting the Maine State Board of Nursing if they have a question about their criminal history.

In keeping with the institutional mission and divisional goals, the Division of Nursing promotes an environment of respect and support for all persons regardless of gender, race/ethnicity, creed, or abilities. Students with special needs are advised to refer to the “Students with Disabilities” section of this catalog. Additionally, students are encouraged to review the Essential Qualifications Policy available on-line, under the nursing major.