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Dr. Herzog co-edits book published in Germany

Dr. Tomasz Herzog, University of Maine at Presque Isle Professor of Social Foundations of Education and Social Studies Education, co-edited a book on the COVID-19 pandemic that was published recently in Berlin, Germany. Dr. Herzog was one of the three co-editors—along with Professors Krzysztof Hajder and Lukasz Donaj—of the book, titled Economy 4.0 and the COVID-19 Pandemic. A Review of Research.

Published by Logos Verlag Berlin, the book presents some of the results of an interdisciplinary and international collaboration of social scientists who researched various aspects of the pandemic, from the social to the economic to the educational. It also covers two international conferences on the subject, of which Dr. Herzog presented papers at both.

The collective work examines the pandemic’s contribution to accelerating innovative solutions, influence on employment relations, and connection to changes in democratic processes. It also explores transformations in media communications and consumer behavior, especially regarding feelings during the pandemic of uncertainty and anxiety.

“The book represents a small part of the research project that I was able to launch during my sabbatical and continued upon returning to my teaching duties at UMPI,” Dr. Herzog said. “Because the beginning of my sabbatical coincided with the outbreak of the pandemic, it forced me to modify some of my initial scholarly plans—to do more work digitally, instead of conducting a part of my research in Poland and Israel—but it didn’t stop me.”

Dr. Herzog’s scholarly interests, work, and activities continue to revolve around matters of political culture and civic education, global learning, higher education and public intellectuals, and the political history of Central Europe.

For more information about this book, visit the publisher’s website.