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Dr. Raymond Rice appointed President of the University of Maine at Presque Isle

Resounding community and campus support for twenty-year UMPI professor, academic administrator, and interim president results in a rare presidential search waiver 

University of Maine System Board of Trustees unanimously approved a resolution appointing Dr. Raymond Rice President of the University of Maine at Presque Isle.  Dr. Rice, who joined the College of Arts and Science Faculty at the university 20 years ago, has been serving as the interim president and provost of the university since July of 2016.

Dr. Rice will continue to serve as provost as well.  The Board resolution includes further details regarding the terms of the appointment approved today.

University of Maine System Chancellor James H. Page recommended the Board of Trustees issue a search waiver and appoint Dr. Rice president following a series of campus and community visits.  The overwhelming sentiment from students, staff, the faculty, and community leaders is that UMPI has maintained its continuity of direction and institutional momentum under Dr. Rice’s engaged leadership.

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