The Tutoring Center, in conjunction with Student Support Services, offers subject area tutoring and writing assistance to all students for all UMPI courses via professional and peer tutors, individually and in small groups. For more information or to schedule a tutoring appointment, visit the Tutor Coordinator on the1st floor of the CIL or call 207-768-9461.

You may schedule an appointment for subject area, BrightSpace, or study skills tutoring through the Navigate app or through EAB on the myUMPI Portal. If you need assistance with this process, view these instructions.

You may schedule an appointment with the Writing Center online through mywconline.com.

Why tutoring?

  • Personalized, one-on-one attention
  • Focused, on-task, extra study time
  • Assistance to increase understanding and grades
  • Builds study skills
  • Test preparation
  • Opportunity for advancement
  • A chance to ask questions

What You Can Expect from Your Tutor

  • Confidentiality
  • Responsibility
  • Patience
  • An active learning experience
  • Help with study skills (organization, note taking, studying for exams)
  • Ability to model good study and student behaviors
  • Content area knowledge
  • Problem solving

What You Cannot Expect from Your Tutor

    A tutor can assist with content and questions but cannot replace a professor.  DO meet with professors before or after class or during office hours to ask questions and clarify content
    Your tutor can help you work through problems associated with your homework, but the tutor will not do the homework for you.  Your tutor can assist you with a particular passage with which you are struggling, but the tutor will not do the reading for you.
    You should come to tutoring at the first sign of problems and attend all scheduled tutoring sessions.  If you do not apply yourself to the work consistently, attending tutoring at the end of the semester to “cram” will not be effective.  Also, tutors are unable to assist you outside of their regular working hours; procrastinating might not allow for an appointment at the end of the semester.
    You must attend class regularly, participate in class, do your homework assignments, read your textbook, and develop a relationship with your instructor to be successful in your courses.
    Tutors are well trained and have content knowledge but they cannot be expected to know everything about every course.  Tutors can show you how to find answers to those difficult questions.

What to Bring to The Session

  • Textbooks from which you have already done the readings
  • Notes from your classes which you have reviewed
  • Past Quizzes or Tests
  • Syllabi that you have read and understand
  • Completed homework with specific questions regarding problems and concepts

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