Local Collections

Local Collections

Local Collections

United States Government Documents:

The UMPI library has been a depository library for federal government documents since 1979. Presently the library receives approximately 15% of all new government publications. Federal documents are generally kept for five years. All current federal documents holdings are listed in URSUS. Federal government publications are freely accessible for use and checkout  to all library patrons.

Most United States documents are located on the main floor of the library adjacent to the reference area. Some federal documents are published in microfiche format. These items are stored along with other microforms in the metal cabinets on the ground floor. A reader/printer is available for reading and printing these items at nominal cost. For assistance in its use, contact a staff member.  A collection of USGS maps of Maine is available in the Special Collections room.

Increasingly, federal agencies are publishing online documents which are made accessible through hyperlinks in the URSUS catalog.

If additional help is needed, please contact our Government Documents Librarian at (207) 768-9602.

Maine State Government Documents:

The UMPI library is a depository library for Maine State government publications. UMPI holdings of state documents are added to the URSUS database. Maine documents are located on the main floor of the library.

The reference librarian is trained in the use of all types and formats of government documents. When visiting the library, please ask for assistance in the use of these vital, and often difficult to manage, publications. From off campus, please contact our Government Documents Librarian at (207) 768-9602.

Special Collections


Historical and topographical maps of Maine and of Aroostook County are stored in map cases. Most of the Library’s collection of USGS maps are listed on the web pages for 7.5 Minute, USGS Maps and for 15 Minute, USGS Maps. Some maps associated with federal documents, and some atlases, are in the Reference and Documents’ collections.

Sheet maps include those associated with Environmental Inspection Surveys. Bound maps are represented by more copies of “The Maine Atlas,” and the Maine Department of Transportation maps.

More transportation maps are in map case #1, along with Maine town maps, and census maps. Case #2 has more Maine-related maps, such as: coastal and river plains’ maps; geological, non-topographical maps; county maps; and maps associated with “Maine on the Northeastern Boundary Controversy.”


Work on developing a meaningful University Archives is underway. The Archives deal exclusively with the University of Maine at Presque Isle in its various incarnations from its founding as Aroostook State Normal School in 1903. The Archives include University catalogs, a few papers of past presidents, files of many University organizations, faculty committees, and student groups, scrapbooks of clippings, news releases, and thousands of photographs. For a history of the University  with information on buildings, individuals, and sporting events done by Lynda C. Stawasz, an UMPI student, you can go to the University of Maine at Presque Isle: A Commitment to Education.

Some of this material is cataloged and in URSUS at present; some is not, but is fairly well organized. Other information is not organized in any way. All the material is available to those who wish to use it. Archival items must be used in the Special Collections Room and none of them circulates without permission of the Library Director. Ask for help in using the Archives. If you need special assistance in using any part of Special Collections, you might want to make an appointment to meet with one of the librarians to make sure your needs are met.

Aroostook County

Aroostook County materials cover the County and the St. John River Valley, including New Brunswick, Canada. The Aroostook County materials support UMPI courses in history, social studies, and literature. Materials are also collected with the interests of the non-university public in mind, but there is a conscious effort to avoid duplication of local history collections made available by the public libraries of Aroostook County. Funding for purchase and maintenance of Aroostook County materials are made possible by the UMPI Foundation; the Friends of the Aroostook County Historical Center at the Library; the Farm Fund; and gifts from individuals and institutions. The Aroostook County materials are primary and secondary sources, and come in a variety of formats

Maine Collection

Maine State materials provide support for UMPI courses in U.S. and Maine State history, social studies, and literature. Books by Maine authors are added to this collection on a selective basis, primarily for historical value and current interest. Purchase and maintenance of Maine materials are made possible through funds from the regular library budget; from the Farm Fund; and from the Friends of the Aroostook County Historical Center at the Library.

Some items in the Maine materials collection may be checked out of the Library. Items that may circulate can be identified by the standard library book pockets attached inside the items. Requests to check out non-circulating items must be made to the head of the Library Technical Services Department or to the Cataloging Librarians.

The Maine State materials are primary and secondary sources and come in a variety of formats.

Aroostook-Maine Information Vertical File

Abenaki, Maliseet, Mi’kmaq, Wabanaki Bibliography of Items at UMPI


Central Role of the Faculty:

The faculty is an integral part of the library’s collection development effort. The faculty, in conjunction with the Librarians, is responsible for structuring the library collection so that the collection properly supports the curriculum of the University.

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