Internships and Job Search

Internships and Job Search

Real Experiences

Internships, Field Experiences, Practicums, Volunteer Opportunities, and Resume Building Work Experiences are all part of our Experiential Career LearningĀ  Program. All of these offer the potential for valuable learning opportunities outside of the classroom setting. These experiences can serve as a bridge between the traditional academic setting and the profession that our students aspire for. It is our goal at the University of Maine at Presque Isle forĀ  every student to gain at least one of these valuable experiences while they are a student with us.

Job Search

Not sure where your interests may take you? Explore our Majors and Careers to see the many possibilities. You can also stop by the office to start your job search efforts and learn about the positions available in the region, state and beyond.

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Other Resources

Opportunities Aroostook
This very unique job posting website works to connect college and high school students with emerging jobs in the Aroostook County region. Love this area and want to find a way to stay after graduation? Then this is a resource you’ll want to use!

Maine CareerCenter
The Maine CareerCenter provides a wealth of information and resources for those who are job hunting and career building. As a bonus, many employment and training services are offered free of charge, so be sure to check it out!

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