Lab Reservation Costs

Lab Reservation Costs

Computer lab facilities are scheduled for use by contacting the Help Desk at 768-9626. All requests for special use of lab facilities must be arranged at least one week in advance in order to provide notice of closure to other users. University academic programs have priority when lab scheduling conflicts arise.

Faculty often schedule both instructional time and lab time for their students, either for a short term or for an entire semester.

Scheduled users of facilities are responsible for security. The facility must be attended at all times by personnel approved of by IT Services.

Charges for use of Computer Facilities

Rate schedule for Folsom 101A, Folsom 101B.

Folsom Computer Classrooms, on a limited, as-available basis (applies to all except academic program usage and not-for-profit, student-access workshops for which the participants are not charged):


UMPI UM Non-Profit For-Profit
per hour $30 $50 $75 $100
per half-day $90 $150 $225 $300
per day $150 $250 $375 $500


Additional charges will be assessed for special set-ups or assistance requiring more than 10-15 minutes. This includes checking of software, rearrangement of machines and/or furniture, installation of software on servers, training of personnel or assistance during usage. This work will be charged at the rate of $35 per person/hour. Special rates may be negotiated for extended usage. Clients using the lab must have a person who is trained and approved of by IT Services present at all times. If no such person is available, the client will be charged $35/hour for a IT Services staff member to be present.

If technical assistance becomes necessary during a class, the instructor should immediately contact IT Services. If unable to locate a technician by phone, dial “0” for the operator and ask for an IT Services Technician to be paged.

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