Social Work

A Bachelor of Social Work is for individuals who want to work with people. Social work is a profession concerned with promoting the well-being of people and includes assisting individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities to achieve life-enhancing goals. The profession is especially concerned with the advancement of economic and social justice.

Social workers respond to human needs and problems from birth to death. We practice in a wide range of settings- in pre-schools, homes for the aged, schools, legislatures, hospitals and clinics, group homes, public agencies, private agencies and social change organizations. Within these settings, social workers are educated as generalist practitioners and carry a wide range of activities, roles, and responsibilities. Bachelor level social workers function as brokers and educators, advocates and community organizers, researchers and policy analysts, case managers, supervisors and administrators.

As a BSW student, you will complete at least two field practicums:

  • One or two in the junior year consisting of 100 hours each
  • One in the senior year consisting of 500 hours

The field practicums provide you with the opportunity to integrate the concepts and theories learned in the classroom with actual experience in agencies working with people. This allows you to build skills, confidence and the competence to become a professional. Click here to view some of the sites for these internships.

The Bachelor of Social Work Program is accredited by the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE). This accreditation meets the eligibility requirements for State of Maine licensure to become a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) and certified as a Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician (MHRT). Refer to for more information.

Application to the program takes place separately from admission to the University and requires that you have completed forty-five credit hours and have a 2.50 grade point average at the time of application to the program. A Social Work faculty advisor will assist you in obtaining the requirements to apply. At that point in time, applicants must complete the Personal Statement Form and participate in an interview with the Social Work faculty.

Program Requirements