Bachelor of Social Work Program Guide (PDF)
The guide describes the philosophy, the requirements and the operation of the BSW program.

Bachelor of Social Work Field Practicum Manual (PDF)
The manual describes the requirements and expectations of the senior field practicum.

Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers (PDF)
A copy of the NASW Code of Ethics, which each BSW student is expected to uphold.

Personal Statement Form (DOC)
The form to be filled out and returned to the Director of BSW program before admission to the program.

Insurance Consent Form (DOC)
Used by seniors during field placement

Memorandum of Agreement (DOC)
Agreement between field agencies and the University (DOC)

Log Contact Form (XLSX)
Used by juniors and seniors during field practicums to document hours completed

Field Placement Assessment Instrument - Junior (DOC)

Field Placement Assessment Instrument - Senior (DOC)

Learning Plan, Fall 2013 - Juniors (DOCX)

Learning Plan, Fall 2013 - Seniors (DOCX)