Fitness Center - Multi Purpose Gym - Track

The 4,000 square foot fitness center contains over $100,000 in equipment consisting of cardio machines, resistance machines, and free weights. If you're looking for a different type of excercise the running track offers three lanes for foot traffic, and the 13,000 square foot multipurpose gym can be used for a variety of different sports.


Keli Marston - Fitness & Wellness Coordinator

For information on Group Classes or Personal Training - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gentile Hall members click here for Personal Training Services info

Please call the Gentile Hall front desk at 768-9772 for more information.

 Hours - Multi-Purpose Gym/Fitness Center/Track 

Summer Hours

Monday through Thursday 6:00 a.m.-8:30 p.m.
Friday 6:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m.
Saturday 7:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

   Check Pool & Rock Wall link for their specific hours! 

General Policies for each area.

All users of Gentile Hall are required to sign an Assumption of Risk & Release Waiver.

Please consult a physician before using any of our recreation facilities and/or equipment, and before beginning a workout program.

Anyone who experiences pain or shortness of breath is asked to discontinue use of equipment or activity and seek medical attention immediately.

Clean, dry, non-marking sneaker are required in all areas.  Absolutely NO street shoes, sandals, stocking or bare feet are allowed anytime in these areas.

Tobacco, food, chewing gum, glass bottles, and cans are NOT permitted in the facility; plastic bottles and water are acceptable.

Shirts are required at all times.  This is a family oriented facility, please wear appropriate clothing.

For safety & security reasons - we ask that cell phone use be limited to first floor lobby or second floor mezzanine.

Report any facility related injury immediately to the staff on duty.

Report any facility/equimpment irregularity to the staff on duty.

DO NOT Spit anywhere in the facility.

University Functions have Priority.

If coming in groups, we recommend calling in advance for availability of space and scheduling activities when appropriate.  For more information, please go to our Group Activity page.

General Facility Rules Poster is located at Front Desk.


Fitness Center Guidelines

  • Children 13 & younger are NOT permitted in the Fitness Center. 
  • Strollers, baby carriers, or attachable baby carriers are NOT allowed in the Fitness Center at ay time.
  • Show respect for equipment and facility at all times. Do not DROP or THROW weights.
  • Keep equipment off the floor and return it to its' proper rack when use is completed.
  • Utilize Spotters and locks when necessary (e.g. for overhead lifts, squats, bench presses, and platform lifts.)
  • Observe weight room etiquette and demonstrate courtesy towards others in the room at all times.
  • Chalk in any form is prohibited in Fitness Center, for health and safety reasons.
  • The on-duty supervisor has the authority over all room conduct and use of equipment. This includes the sound system if applicable.
  • Use of a personal music device is enouraged, utilizing earphones.
  • Immediately report any facility related injury or facility/equipment irregularity to the supervisor on duty.
  • We ask that you make use of the disinfectant solution that is available before & after using equipment.
  • Remember that the student staff is just trying to do their job. Be considerate.
  • All other General Facility Rules are in effect and is located at the Front Desk.

Multi-Purpose Gym Guidelines

  • The gym is available for informal drop-in use when scheduled classes or club functions are not in session.
  • Courts are prioritized for informal recreation in sports of basketball, badminton, volleyball, and soccer.
  • Although the facility presents the option for a variety of activities - those allowed will be determined by flow of traffic.
  • The individual borrowing equipment is responsible for returning equipment and will be charged for damaged equipment.
  • Borrowed equipment may not leave the building.
  • NO HARD BALL activity allowed - i.e. baseball, softball, field hockey, etc. If you are not sure - PLEASE ASK.
  • Staff has the authority to terminate any activity deemed unsafe.
  • DO NOT LOWER Baskets without permission.

Walking/Running Track Guidelines

  • For safety reasons, please DO NOT Stop while on the Track. If you need to rest, please do so in one of the corner areas.
  • Walls and railings are NOT to be used as stretching aids.
  • Do Not climb or hang off railings.
  • Corner areas may be used for stretching.
  • DO NOT carry anything that may obstruct another walker/runner or injure another patron.
  • Use caution when entering and exiting the Track.
  • Walk/Run only in the direction of the posted direction.
  • Walkers use the inside lane. Walk no more than two abreast.
  • Runners use outside lanes. PLEASE NO Sprinting.
  • Strollers, carriages, in-skates, etc. are not allowed on the Track.