Due to COVID-19, Gentile Hall is currently CLOSED to Community use.

Membership Information

Membership Information

To speed up the registration process, please complete our membership or day pass forms in their entirety and bring to the Gentile Hall front desk. To view our forms, click here.

Rates – Effective May 19, 2008

Community Membership Fees

Per Semester: Fall: September 1 – January 15 or Spring: January 1 – May 15
Summer: May 1-September 15
Full Year: 12 Months
15% Discount off Membership Rates for Alumni (an UMPI Graduate)
Membership Per Semester Full Year
Individual $140.00 $325.00
Plus spouse 40.00 80.00
First two children 35.00 75.00
Each additional child 15.00 25.00
Family Income < $30,000 – Must present previous year Income Tax Form.
Senior Citizens – Ages 65 and older.
Individual $90.00 $200.00
Plus spouse 35.00 70.00
First two children 30.00 60.00
Each additional child 10.00 20.00


Community Passes

Discounts DO NOT apply
+Day Pass
Adult – 14 and older $7.00
Child – 13 and younger $4.00
*Weekly Pass
Individual per person $25.00
*Monthly Pass
Individual per person $40.00
*User of pass must be 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult, 18 years or older. +Day pass users are required to complete an Assumption of Risk & Release each time they purchase a day pass.
Day Pass users under the age of 18 are required to have their parent or legal guardian sign the Assumption of Risk & Release each time they purchase a day pass.
* Minors are only sold passes if a parent or legal guardian is purchasing an Individual pass as well. * Children under 14 years of age must be directly supervised by an adult.


Employees of any campus within the University of Maine System who are not eligible for the Employee Voucher Pass* may join at a reduced rate (excludes 30-Day Membership) and may add dependents under the same policies.  All access is subject to facility rules such as age limitations.


Paper vouchers will be issued by UMPI HR.  The voucher program grants free access to UMaine System campus fitness facilities to Regular Employees and Part-Time Faculty according to the appropriate collective bargaining agreement or handbook.

Employees of other campuses should refer to the UMS Benefits Office website on campus specific protocol.  If the employee qualifies for a Voucher pass but a family member is not enrolled in the University’s Cigna health insurance, the discounted rate can be applied to the family member.

Eligibility by Bargaining Unit:

AFUM Full-Time Faculty:
Free use for employees and immediate family, up to 32 visits per year.

ACSUM/COLT, Police, Service & Maintenance, UMPSA, and Non-Represented Regular (not Temporary) employees (Faculty, Salaried, and Hourly):
Free use for employees outside normal work hours who are enrolled in the UMS health plan.           Immediate family members who are enrolled in UMS health plan also have free access.

PATFA part-Time Faculty:
Free use for Employees.



Contact Us

Gentile Hall
181 Main Street
Presque Isle, ME 04769
Phone: (207) 768-9772
Fax: (207) 768-9784

Gentile Hall CLOSED
to Community use.

Current Faculty/Staff/Students
with proof of testing (bracelets).

Finals Week Hours
May 3-9

Mon.-Fri.; 8a-6p
Saturday; CLOSED
Sunday; CLOSED
*Doors Lock 15 minutes before closing.