Disability Services

Disability Services

Student Support Services provide disability services for UMPI students with documented disabilities. The primary purpose of this function is to facilitate the education of students with disabilities by providing a point of coordination for any specific accommodations that they may need while attending UMPI. In order to make the transition from high school to college successful in meeting your needs, we have created a list of “Rights and Responsibilities” for the new college student. Please note that your responsibilities will be greater due to the differences in laws for minors versus adults with disabilities.

Faculty, staff or administration who are interested in acquiring the “Academic Access: A Desk Reference For Accommodating Students with Disabilities” handbook can access it atĀ www.maine.edu/pdf/access.pdf.

Possible Services, Materials and Accommodations for Students with Disabilities at UMPI


  • Reduced Course Load
  • Basic Skills Classes
  • Permission to Tape Lectures
  • Extended Time for Assignments/Course Work
  • Note Taker


  • Extended Time
  • Separate Location
  • Use of A Word Processor
  • Readers and/or Scribes
  • Oral Exams
  • Use of Aids (dictionary, calculator)

Misc. Support Services

  • Tutoring – A service for UMPI Students
  • Additional Services Access Through The Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Advising (Academic, Career, Personal, Financial Aid)
  • Time Management – A service for all UMPI Students
  • Liaison and Advocacy


  • Referral to Recording For The Blind & Dyslexic
  • Supply of Carbonless Paper (NCR) for NoteTakers
  • Tape-Recorder, Tapes (Limited Service, Not an Accommodation)
  • Additional Academic Accommodations may be provided on an Individual as-needed basis.

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