PTA Program Admission

PTA Program Admission

PTA Technical Phase Program Admission 2022

The Physical Therapist Assistant program is a 2-year degree program consisting of 5 semesters of coursework including 3 student clinical experiences in various physical therapy settings. The associate degree begins with 2 semesters of general education (30 credits) and is completed with 3 semesters (45 credits) of technical coursework. PTA majors wishing to complete these final 3 semesters of technical coursework must first submit a separate PTA program application.

Admission to the technical phase is granted to students who have been selected from a competitive pool of applicants. Students wishing to begin technical coursework during the summer 2022 need to submit completed application materials to the PTA program by Wednesday, April 27. It is the applicant’s responsibility to verify that all application materials have been received by the PTA program prior to the deadline. Incomplete applications or applications received after 4:30 p.m. on April 27 will be automatically wait- listed. Prospective students submitting completed applications will be notified of the program’s decision via school email no later than noon on Friday May 13. All recruitment/admission policies and procedures reflect equitable criteria for nondiscrimination and equal opportunity.

Current UMPI students

Current students wishing to apply to the PTA technical phase for 2022 must complete coursework by the end of the spring semester 2022. Students completing required general education courses during the spring may submit PTA program applications prior to the end of the semester. Applications will be considered complete once all spring semester grades are posted and acceptable grades are achieved.

Transfer Students

Any student transferring from another college or university should contact the PTA program director and UMPI’s Admissions Office to discuss individual timelines for completion of general education requirements and UMPI and PTA program applications. All students should be aware that required sequential courses may dictate additional time commitments beyond 2 years depending on individual academic backgrounds.

Transfer students should also contact Financial Aid as soon as possible to discuss individual financial needs as resources are often limited for summer enrollment.

The following documents and links will help current UMPI students complete the PTA application process.

The UMPI PTA Technical Phase Application Requirements provides a comprehensive list of what is needed to apply to the PTA program.

Technical Phase Application Cover Page – Contact information and brief resume.

Complete the Criminal Background Check

The Criminal Background and Drug Test form needs to be signed by program applicants as acknowledgement of understanding.

UMPI Immunization Form

The PTA Program Applicant Observation Hours form needs to be signed by the supervising professional as verification that applicant has completed 25 hours of job shadowing.

The PTA Program Applicant Reference form needs to be filled out by 2 professional references.

The PTA Program Essential Skills form needs to be signed as acknowledgement that the applicant understands the necessary motor, sensory, communication, behavioral, and critical thinking attributes needed to be a successful PTA.

The PTA Program Personal Statement Essay need to be written by the applicant as evidence of writing skills and a broad understanding of the profession.