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Area of expertise: Community Nutrition

Tara Whiton

Tara Whiton

Assistant Professor of Health Administration

  • Education

    B.S. University of Southern Maine, 2011
    M.S. Montana State University, 2014
    Ph.D. East Tennessee State University, 2019
  • Bio

    Tara Whiton is an Assistant Professor of Health Administration (Community Health) and Curriculum Development Specialist for the new Health Administration degree as part of the Title III grant. Tara has a Master’s in Health and Human Development and PhD in Sport Physiology and Performance. She is passionate about chronic disease prevention through health education and promotion of nutrition, fitness, and wellness, as well as maternal and infant nutrition, and nutrient energy availability and resources. She channels her academic knowledge and experiences through several community service oriented projects representing UMPI/UMFK on the board at Aroostook County Action Program, an advisor to the board of the First 1,000 Days Maine Initiative – an approach that highlights the importance of adequate nutrition in early life, from conception to a child’s second birthday, and as a member of the obesity-member interest group for the Maine Public Health Association. Tara is involved in research and drafting policy briefings and educational materials to key stakeholders for creating change in the public health infrastructure of these areas in the state of Maine. Outside of the academic realm, Tara enjoys spending time with her husband, Tim and son, Rhys. She enjoys the outdoors, endurance sports, cooking, baking and gardening.

  • Areas of Expertise

    Nutrition Community Nutrition Maternal and Infant Nutrition Community Health Sports Performance Strength and Conditioning

  • Community Involvement

    • Board Member – Aroostook County Action Program
    • Advisory Board Member – First 1,000 Days Maine
    • Member of Obesity Interest Group – Maine Public Health Association
  • Scholarly Activities

    • Whiton, Tara; Yerxa, Kathryn; and Schattman, Rachel E., “COVID-19 Affects Coping Strategies and Food Access for Maine Adults” (2021). Food Science and Human Nutrition Faculty Scholarship.
    • “Public Health Approaches to Addressing Obesity” (2021). Presentation to Maine State Legislature. Maine Public Health Association Member Interest Section on Obesity. 2021
    • Whiton, Tara K., “The Influence of Chronic Branched-Chain Amino Acid Supplementation on Measures of Central and Peripheral Fatigue in Training Athletes” (2019). Electronic Theses and Dissertations. 2019
    • “Beyond statistical significance: Unifying the language between sport scientists and coaches” – conference presentation – Coaches College 2018
    • “Changes in stretch-shortening cycle and jump height after a competitive training season in collegiate distance runners” – conference presentation – Coaches College 2018
    • “Preliminary analysis: Moderating the stress perception of collegiate distance runners using branched-chain amino acids” – conference presentation – Southeast and National American College of Sports Medicine Conference 2018
    • “Branched-chain amino acid supplementation may produce marginal reductions in task-specific muscular soreness in collegiate distance runners” – conference presentation – Southeast and National American College of Sports Medicine Conference – Chattanooga, TN and Minneapolis, MN 2018
    • “The contribution of muscle cross-sectional area to jump height in collegiate athletes” – conference presentation – Southeast American College of Sports Medicine Conference – Greeneville, SC 2017