Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


Fiercely dedicated to delivering opportunity for all.


Our success is built on an ethic of care:

We inspire learners from near and far, of all ages and career stages, and support their personal journeys toward the future they seek.

We value our team members and ensure they have the right tools, technology, and resources to provide learners with educational experiences they will draw upon for the rest of their lives.

We serve our community and strive to engage all in activities that strengthen and sustain a rich and rewarding life.

Every day, in every way, it’s about excellence for everyone.

Institutional Values

The core philosophies that will drive our employees are captured in a set of institutional values, known collectively as “The UMPI Way.” These values reflect our culture, guiding our actions and defining how we do business.

UMPI differentiates by providing an Ethic of Care for each and every student, faculty,  staff, and administrator. Innovative at our core, we rally around the need for change while supporting success for all within our community. We embrace collaborations with our peers, the communities we serve, and our fellow institutions, allowing us to provide students outstanding education focused on practical and authentic learning experiences. We ask each and every one of our faculty and staff to consider the following: I am an UMPI Owl and strive to help develop and support other UMPI Owls. Given that critical priority, every day, in every way, I commit to being…

  • Supportive: I share information and resources to support my colleagues and our students alike because I care about our collective success.
  • Ethical: I communicate, exhibit behaviors, and make decisions that demonstrate honesty, integrity, and decency.
  • Responsive: I am solutions-focused, adaptable, and timely in my day-to-day work.
  • Visionary: I am fiercely dedicated to providing opportunity to all.
  • Innovative: I contribute to UMPI’s vision and mission while continually looking for creative and cutting-edge ways to spark inspiration and strengthen our efforts.
  • Collaborative: I recognize the importance of partnerships and do what I can to remove obstacles that get in the way of success.
  • Equitable: I question assumptions, develop empathy, and treat others with dignity, respect, and care.

Service Promise

Excellence, every day!