Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


The University of Maine at Presque Isle will design with each student a personalized, technologically innovative education and prepare each graduate for a professional career, global contributions, and lifelong learning.


The University of Maine at Presque Isle is an undergraduate institution in rural Maine that

  • nurtures the intellectual and personal development of students who want to own their learning and use it to better themselves, their communities and the world
  • supports research-based pedagogical techniques and a campus setting to promote deep learning
  • partners with accreditors to set high academic standards for every student and every program
  • embraces technological innovation while preserving the power of personal mentoring
  • connects to our alumni and employers in Aroostook County, the State of Maine, and western New Brunswick to provide real-world work experience prior to graduation and to connect graduates with employment prospects
  • provides educational opportunities for adult and distance learners as well as community members throughout Aroostook County and western New Brunswick
  • stimulates regional economic development and enhances the region’s quality of life through research, public service, and cultural and athletic programming, and
  • promotes environmental sustainability.

Institutional Values

The University of Maine at Presque Isle believes

  • in the transformative power of education to create a just and humane world.
  • education should and can be both affordable and high quality.
  • that students learn most when they are challenged and guided by caring faculty and staff.
  • that diversities enrich our campus.
  • in a healthy balance between our work and our lives outside of work, and we promote and support this balance among all members of our University community.
  • in being good stewards of the earth’s resources and is committed to sustainability.
  • in celebrating and appreciating hard work, deep passion, and successful accomplishments.
  • in using the knowledge, skills and energy of our campus to enrich our community, region, state, nation and world.