Places to Go

Places to Go

From our Campus Center to Pullen-Folsom Hall and many spots in between, there’s plenty to explore at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. Our Campus Center is a major gathering point for our students–it not only houses the Owl’s Nest, which is a great spot for games and impromptu open mic sessions (and there’s late night food on offer), but also includes our Campus Store, mailroom, and UCU banking branch on the first floor and our Kelley Commons dining hall, Alumni Room, and ballroom/multi-purpose room on the second floor.

Just down the walkway is our Center for Innovative Learning, which houses our Learning Commons and library and IT services. The facility includes lots of dynamic study spaces and you’ll love the serpentine couch, wobbly stools and tables you can draw on with dry erase markers.

Next up is Wieden Hall–the gymnasium inside serves as the Home of the Owls where many of our athletic events take place and the auditorium across the hall serves as an important cultural venue, hosting comedians, music acts and theater troupes during the academic year.

A short walk gets you to Gentile Hall, our wellness facility that features a multi-purpose gymnasium, elevated track, fitness center, pool and climbing wall. Many community events set up their home base at Gentile Hall, so you may get to join in on a 5K or get a bird’s-eye view of Presque Isle’s annual Light Parade from here.

At the north end of campus is Pullen-Folsom Hall, our major classroom building. If you’re familiar with our Maine Solar System Model, then you’ll want to see the “sun” located here. The facility also features computer labs, a student art gallery, a convenience store, and the Whooo’s Hut (a student lounge).

There’s plenty more to see. We didn’t even mention the high and low ropes courses, the tennis courts, the disc golf course, the Athletic fields, the art installations, and the wind turbine that some of our students like to use as a calming study area. Our recommendation is that you come for a campus visit and experience all the places you’ll go yourself!