Employer U

Employer U

Employer U is a professional skills development organization that makes it easy and affordable to gain the tools and knowledge that you need to be successful in the workplace.  We offer workshops on a wide variety of topics—whether you’re looking for routine skill-building or to learn something new.  What makes Employer U different is our customized trainings designed to meet the unique workforce needs of our clients.  Employer U takes into consideration an organization’s culture, resources, and purpose to create more tailored programs.  Our workshops are completely customizable: you decide the time and date, location, length, and topic.

Our Employer U training team delivers program content in a variety of ways to help to ensure that participants, regardless of their learning styles, understand, retain, and can apply the information.  Additionally, Employer U programs are offered on campus so professionals can take full advantage of the extensive technologies, laboratories, and facilities we have at the university.  In some cases, we can even bring these resources to the workplace.  This multifaceted approach results in more effective and, quite frankly, more interesting training.

Employer U believes in the power of collaboration.  While we have tremendous resources at UMPI, those resources aren’t unlimited.  Working collaboratively with other educational institutions, businesses, non-profit organizations, and community groups helps us all to maximize our assets, reduce wasteful duplication, and promote idea sharing.  These mutually beneficial partnerships tend to result in more robust and diversified programs.

Employer U is committed to affordability.  There is a registration fee for most programs to cover the cost of materials, trainers, and other related expenses.  However, UMPI is a public education institution guided by the University of Maine’s system-wide mission of excellence.  Part of our mission is to foster economic development in our communities and to serve as a hub for education, which includes professional and personal development.  In keeping with our mission, we are committed to ensuring that Employer U programs are of the highest quality, while also being affordable and accessible.

Kim Jones
Director of Employer U
Assistant Professor of Business Administration

207 768.9459
fax 207 768.9433