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Agronomy Workshop

Agronomy Workshop

The University of Maine at Presque Isle held the 2017 Soil and Agronomy Workshop on Feb. 22. Tailored to farmers, industry representatives, students, and faculty, the day-long workshop featured sessions on general soil and agronomy, as well as soil health, and included the following topics:

  • Improving Farm Income: Rotational Crop and Potato Irrigation, Dr. Lakesh Sharma, Soil & Crops Specialist, UMaine Extension and UMPI Professor
  • Wireworm Survival in Soil and Its Control, Jim Dwyer, Crops Specialist, UMaine Extension
  • Economic Benefit of Using Precision Agriculture Tools, Sukhwinder Bali, UMaine Extension Educator and UMPI Professor
  • Black Beans – Do They Have a Place in Maine Crop Rotations?, Jake Dyer, Agronomist, Maine Potato Board
  • Nematodes Survival in Soil and their Control, Dr. Dave Lambert, Plant Pathologist, UMaine
  • Soil Information System™, Soil Mapping Technology, Sam Delano, Agronomist, McCain Foods
  • How to Determine Soil Health? Will Brinton, Woods End Laboratories, Inc.
  • Soil Health in the Potato and Grain Rotation, Patrick Toner, Soil Management Specialist, Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
  • Fertilizer and Liming in Soil, Dr. Lakesh Sharma, Soil and Crops Specialist, UMaine Extension
  • Soil Health, Yield Stability, and an Overview of Soil Health Strategies, Dr. Ellen Mallory, Sustainable Agriculture Specialist, UMaine Extension
  • Forms and Efficiency of Applied Phosphorus in Soil, Bruce Hoskins, Maine Soil Testing Service and Analytical Lab, UMaine
  • Soil Productivity and No-Till in Potato Systems, Sam Wright, Cavendish Agri-Services
  • Cover Crops and Soil Moisture and Temperature Issues, Tony Jenkins, Soil Conservationist, NRCS
  • Nurse Crops — Strengths and Weaknesses, Dr. John Jemison, Soil and Water Specialist, UMaine Extension
  • Strategies to Keep Soil in Place, Eric Giberson, Soil Conservationist, NRCS
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