Room Reservations

Room Reservations

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Instructions for filling out Facilities Usage Form

  1. Name, Phone Number and Email Address This is the person filling out form
  2. Day/Date of Event. Please include day and date (i.e., Tuesday, September 9, 2008).  This form may be used to reserve several days at one time provided that the use is for the same purpose and time each day. CONTINUOUS REQUESTS: Please let us know if you will meet during school breaks.
  3. Time in. Time you wish to enter the facility.
  4. Time out. Time you wish to relinquish the use of the requested facility.
  5. Event Time. The actual time that your event begins and ends if different from the time in/time out.
  6. Facility Requested. Name of the facility you are requesting or your general need (e.g. classroom to seat 30 people.) If you require the use of several facilities on campus, each facility should have a separate reservation form if the times vary.
  7. Would you like this in the Image? If yes, we will send a copy of this form to Media Relations. However, you should still contact them directly to arrange specific wording, press releases, etc.
  8. Anticipated Attendance. The number of people you are expecting to attend or to participate at your event. Please be accurate as this figure is used for the assigning of overtime personnel.
  9. University Account Number. Indicate the University account name and number where charges incurred may be billed to.
  10. Please check appropriate category. All outside users must contract with the University for the use of facilities.
  11. Sponsoring Organization name. For University organization sponsoring an outside organization
  12. Person Making Request. Name of person who made this request.
  13. Name of Contact Person. Name of person who will attend the event and act as contact person.
  14. Phone number Telephone number(s) of person making the request and/or contact person.
  15. Address. COMPLETE address of organization. Used for billing purposes and official correspondence
  16. Event Description. Description of your planned use of the facility. In the case of a performance or presentation, please be specific about the title, groups or individuals being presented. When available, ticket prices should be included since this information will be included in the University calendar.
  17. Facility Fees. For office use only. Can look at Facility Fees page to get an idea of cost
  18. Alcoholic Beverages. Events where alcohol is sold or distributed require adhering to specific University policies available from the Office of Conferences and Special Programs. Events involving alcohol must be coordinated through Conferences and Special Programs.
  19. Audio Visual Services. Be specific in your needs (i.e. slide projector, screen, overhead, microphones, flip charts etc.).
  20. Food Service Instructions. For on-campus group, please go to the Sodexo Dining Services site to order you food.  For off-campus, food service must be ordered through Conferences & Special Programs using the University concessionaire. Food cannot be sold or distributed on campus by independent contractors or individuals without prior consent of the food service contractor.
  21. Special Setup Instructions. Indicate all special arrangements for your event (i.e. podium, tables, chairs, equipment, etc.) Also include the configuration desired (i.e. horseshoe, square, just chairs, etc.). Please draw a diagram of your setup indicating compass orientation (i.e. chairs facing North).
  22. Physical Plant Setup Instructions. Indicate all special arrangements that Physical Plant needs to setup.
  23. Signatures. Acceptance of this request does not constitute approval. Reservations are confirmed subject to requirements and policies of the University of Maine at Presque Isle. As an authorized representative or sponsor of the above organization, I affirm that I/we are familiar with and agree to abide by the rules governing the use of university facilities, and I/we accept responsibility for any damages, loss or theft of university equipment and property, including all charges incurred. I/we also affirm that I/we will be on site at all times when the reserved facility is in use.

Note: Submitting this form electronically will provide an e-signature.

Student Organizations Note: The form needs the signature/email approval of the Student Activity Coordinator before we can process; therefore, we will email or printout and send the form for signing/approval.

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