Provost and VP for Academic and Student Affairs

Provost and VP for Academic and Student Affairs

The Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs brings together under one office the services meant to help students both in terms of academics and other aspects of their student life experience. The Provost overseesĀ the Academic Programs, Student Affairs, Student Advising, Registrar’s Office, and the Center for Innovative Learning (CIL).

Within Academic Affairs, the Provost is responsible for oversight of all majors, minors, and concentrations, and supports the Faculty in delivering the highest quality curriculum possible. The Provost also supports Faculty in their scholarly and professional pursuits.

Within Student Affairs, the Provost is responsible for oversight of non-academic services that impact our students, including Residence Life, Health Services, Counseling, Career Preparation, and Testing Services. The Provost also provides support for efforts like TRiO College Access ServicesĀ and the National Student Exchange program.

The Provost provides oversight for offices and services housed within the Center for Innovative Learning, including Student Support Services, Library Services, Student Engagement efforts, and the Reed Fine Art Gallery.

The University provides an immersive education that impacts students’ lives whether they are in the classroom, the dorms, the CIL, or taking advantage of any of the student-focused services and activities we offer. Our campus believes that the best way to do this is to provide high quality services in an environment where both academic affairs and student affairs are aligned and working together to positively impact student success.