BA in Business Administration with a Recreation concentration

In this concentration, you get the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities in the classroom and in the field related to Recreation, Tourism and Leisure.

Our concentration offers students:

  • A comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for a variety of careers in both the public and private sectors of Recreation and Leisure services.
  • A comprehensive internship program that requires students to get experience in a field that interests them.
  • Opportunities to travel as far away as Alaska and participate in jobs ranging from white water rafting and working in National Parks to running community recreation programs and camps.
  • Practical and applied applications of outdoor recreation, recreation management and community recreation.

In achieving our learning objectives, we work to ensure that our students are able to: discuss leadership theory, demonstrate leadership abilities, and articulate a personal and professional vision of leadership; develop and implement program plans for a variety of agencies and constituents; develop skills in backcountry trip planning, design, implementation and assessment; and apply recreation and leisure service theories and philosophies in an internship setting.