Student Teaching

Student Teaching

Student teaching is the capstone component of the teacher education program at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. It is a time when students are guided into challenging new identities as beginning teachers. The quality of the student teaching placement, the professional growth student teachers acquire, and their future attitudes and beliefs about teaching and learning are all greatly influenced by the experience.

Eligibility Requirements for Student Teaching

Prior to student teaching, the student must:

  1. Be admitted into an Education Program.
  2. Complete a minimum of 90 credit hours of course work including the required professional education sequence (all methods courses must be completed before student teaching).
  3. Formally apply to the Director of Student Teaching and Field Experience at least one semester prior to placement and be approved by departmental faculty. Note: Formal applications are available in the Office of Student Teaching and Field Experience.
  4. Have a 3.0 GPA cumulative average (minimum); have a 3.0 GPA in the subject area major AND the professional sequence; have a 3.0 GPA the semester prior to student teaching.
  5. Have satisfactory evaluations in all prior field experiences.
  6. Have a Professional Portfolio under construction.

All candidates for the bachelor’s degree must complete the General Education Curriculum.

Eligibility Requirements for Non-Degree Students

This option is for students who are not enrolled in the UMPI Education Program but would like to student teach in order to fulfill teacher certification requirements. Candidates for this option must submit the following for review:

  • a student teaching application
  • two letters of recommendation, one of which must come from a k-12 educator or administrator
  • at least 3 credits in pedagogy-related coursework, or a minimum of 1 year working in a k-12 school as a paraprofessional or professional educator, or similar experience
  • a letter from the certifying state that shows proof of all completed coursework except the student teaching component
  • 3 credits in classroom management coursework and or experience with classroom management is also strongly recommended

In addition, the candidate must interview with the Education Program Director and Coordinator of Student Teaching and Field Experience.

The following handbooks and forms were designed to guide students and their supporting mentors. Information relating to university policies and guidelines, roles and responsibilities, and specific ideas and activities to enhance the experience are included. Further information may be obtained by contacting the Coordinator of Student Teaching and Field Experience at (207) 768-9437.