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Carl Jung, one of the most influential of all psychologists, claimed that:  “Sensation tells us a thing is. Thinking tells us what it is this thing is. Feeling tells us what this thing is to us.”  An online degree in Psychology at the University of Maine at Presque Isle is perfect for those who wish to focus on the social-services aspects of psychology or are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree as the next step in attaining a Master’s degree in psychology. Whether you’re just beginning your exploration of psychology or already working in a position related to the field, this degree can help you better understand the sensation, thinking, and feeling of your colleagues and clients, and prepare you for career advancement.

Courses include instruction in the following areas:

  • Social and cognitive psychology
  • Drugs and behavior
  • Lifespan and personality development
  • Research methods
  • Psychological assessment
Why Online Psychology at UMPI?

Our online program is taught by the same professors who teach our live courses. Thus, you’ll be doing coursework that develops your ability to interpret, analyze, and communicate in a wide variety professional and academic settings, while the fact that the coursework is done online allows you to create your own schedule.

Our online program offers a wide variety of courses, so you’ll be able to select those best suited to your needs, whether they lie in social services, research, or advanced degree work.  You will find a detailed description of our program and its courses here.

Our online programs are offered twelve months out of the year, including two summer sessions, so you can concentrate or spread out your classes to fit your schedule.

You will be assigned a full-time advisor who both teaches your classes and ensures your ability to complete the degree within four years (as a full-time student)—just like students who take our classes on campus.  Furthermore, your advisor can assist you in any questions of credit transferability or prior learning credit.

An added benefit of UMPI’s online programs is that you experience the same student to faculty ratio as on-campus students. Expect to work closely with your professor and fellow students, just as you would in a live class.

Program Requirements

You must complete a total of 120 credit hours, of which 42 hours (minimum) are within the Psychology program, and 40 hours in General Education.  A minor is optional.  And all of these credits can be completed online at UMPI.    You can click here to start the process.

After Graduation

The Psychology program provides you with knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your future career.  The top ten occupations that employ students with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology include the following:

  • Top- or mid-level managers, executives and administrators
  • Sales
  • Social Work
  • Management-related occupations
  • Personnel, training and human resources or labor-relations
  • Administrative jobs
  • Insurance, real estate and business services
  • Marketing
  • Registered nurse, pharmacist, therapist and physician’s assistant
  • Accountant, auditor and other financial specialists

The Psychology program also prepares you for advanced degrees in the following:

  • Clinical psychology
  • Industrial-organizational psychology
  • Educational psychology
  • Academic and corporate research