Community Connections

Community Connections




Ines Ngoga, earning her wings; Carrie Reed, Community Host, Class of 1982


A warm welcome to the University of Maine at Presque Isle, and your new community!


What is Community Connections?

Community Connections is a program designed to help ease the transition for new students to college life and a new community by:

  • Providing support and friendship to students
    away from home;
  • Introducing new students to Presque Isle
    and Northern Maine;
  • Helping students access local resources
    such as retailers, physicians, or places of worship.

Who is Community Connections for?

We offer the opportunity for new students to be paired with Community Hosts in the Presque Isle area. Although new students have priority, there may be availability for continuing students to be paired with Community Hosts as well.

Community Connections is not a host-family program, but rather a friendship program.

Community Hosts may be members of the local community, UMPI alumni, or employees of the University who enjoy interacting with college-age students.

How does Community Connections work?

  1. Students fill out an application telling us about themselves and their interests, along with a statement of what they hope to get out of the program.
  2. We match students to Community Hosts with similar interests and expectations on a first come, first served basis. Some Community Hosts may be connected to more than one student.
  3. Once matched, students and hosts will receive a message of introduction and exchange contact information.
  4. Hosts and students come together for the first time at a Community Connections event. After that, they can arrange outings, meals, phone calls, and companionship as they wish.
  5. Students and hosts will be invited to social events during the year planned by the UMPI Alumni Association and UMPI campus departments.

Want to become a part of Community Connections?

Interested students and potential community hosts should
click here to apply as a student or click here to apply as a Community Host. If you have questions, contact Craig Cormier at or 207.768.9425 for more information.

Students are encouraged to apply early in the summer so they can be matched with a Community Host and allow for ample time to correspond before their arrival in Presque Isle.

The deadline for applying is August 1st. Students who apply after the application period may be placed on a waiting list and matched according to availability. Applicants are not guaranteed a community host.




Deborah Roark, EdD, MBA
Executive Director for University Advancement & External Affairs

122 Preble Hall
t: 207 768.9755

Craig Cormier ’06
Director of Alumni Relations
and Annual Giving

18B Preble Hall
t: 207 768.9425

University of Maine at Presque Isle
181 Main Street
Presque Isle, ME 04769