Where will your wings take you?

Chad Parker

UMPI Class of 2011 Bachelors in Athletic Training

Update by Chad Parker, alumnus


“My wings have taken me to Florida to work as a collegiate athletic trainer. After UMPI I worked at Bridgton Academy in southern Maine for a year, went to grad school in Pennsylvania, then worked in Virginia at a small division 3 school, which reminded me a lot of my days at UMPI. I have to thank Barb Blackstone for where I am today. She saw something in this older, Canadian kid that had no true path, and pointed me in the right direction. Aaron Tomlinson and Josh Holman also helped mold the athletic trainer that I am, and I get to take their knowledge and impart it on my own athletic training students. My wings have essentially taken me full circle, and UMPI was just the beginning.”