Where will your wings take you?

Theodore Van Alst, Jr.

UMPI Class of 2004 Bachelors in Behavioral Science

Update by Theodore Van Alst, Jr., alumnus


“I serve as Assistant Dean of Yale College and the Director of the Native American Cultural Center. Since graduating from UMPI, I’ve had so many excellent professional experiences and opportunities. I’ve served as a grant reviewer for the National Geographic Society and as a consultant for National Public Radio’s All Things Considered. I’ve been able to deliver presentations and lectures at venues from the New York University School of Law to Princeton University. Where can you go after you graduate from UMPI? The sky’s the limit!
I tell anyone who asks where I went for my undergraduate degree. It’s extremely important to me that people know exactly what is going on at UMPI, and just what kind of a place it is. UMPI is the place that didn’t tell me, but showed me, not only do I deserve to compete and work with the best and brightest, but also that I should expect to do so. The quality of education I received from UMPI’s faculty, and the support that I received from staff and administrators has helped me get where I am today. Students across the country would be hard-pressed to find a deeper and more valuable education than they can receive at UMPI. Expect more from the University of Maine at Presque Isle, and don’t be surprised when you get it.”