UMPI Card Services

UMPI Card Services

OneCard is the University of Maine System (UMS) integrated card system that:

  • serves as the official UMPI identification card;
  • provides access to library services;
  • is utilized to pay for printing at both campuses;
  • serves as a membership card for the fitness centers;
  • demonstrates UMPI student/employee status for local community discounts;
  • provides access to buildings or residence halls, if applicable; and
  • can be used to purchase meals at the Owls Nest on the Presque Isle Campus or at any UMS campus for dining purchases, including meal plans.

The OneCard does not expire.

Obtaining your UMPI OneCard

UMPI newly admitted students will be emailed a unique link to their university email address that allows students to upload a photo of their choice for their OneCard. Links will be emailed to new students approximately 12 – 14 days after enrollment so it’s very important for students to check their university email as the link is unique for each student. Students who misplace or mistakenly delete the link will need to request a new link by emailing Admissions from their university email account. The email request should include the student’s full name and student ID number. Admissions can be contacted at umpi-admissions@maine.edu.

Once a student submits their information and preferred photo, UMPI will create the OneCard, and the card will be available for pickup from the Center for Innovative Learning (CIL). Students who complete this process, but who are living in UMPI dorms will have their OneCards distributed to them in person during move-in.

Replacement Cost

Replacement cards are available through the (CIL). One free replacement card per year can be provided if needed. Any additional replacement cards for the year will incur a $15.00 fee.

For More Information

UMPI students, faculty, and staff can learn how to obtain or replace their OneCard, how to add printing and dining dollars to their OneCard, and can find a list of community discounts by visiting the MyUMPI portal.