Democracy Wall

Democracy Wall

Add your comment to the wall UMPI’s Democracy Wall was established to provide a space for our community to discuss various civic and social issues impacting our nation and world. Located on the first floor of the Center for Innovative Learning near the main entrance, the Democracy Wall is meant to open a dialogue, encourage civil discourse and deeper reflection, and increase our collective awareness and understanding. New topics will be added on an ongoing basis and we encourage everyone to be a part of the conversation.

Democracy Wall Ground Rules:

  1. All voices are welcome.
  2. Be thoughtful in your responses and make sure they reflect our commitment to civil discourse. Obscenity, cursing, and other indecencies do not serve the purpose of this wall nor the spirit of our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge.
  3. Be respectful in disagreement, as that is at the very heart of civil discourse. Name calling or personal attacks do not serve the purpose of this wall.
  4. Add your voice to the conversation and feel free to pose your own questions, but do not alter or obscure what others have written.
  5. Periodically, the wall will be cleaned to allow for a fresh round of conversations.
  6. Free speech may not always be pleasant speech and will be upheld for the wall except when it violates illegal speech, University policy, or the spirit of the wall. If you believe anything posted on the wall is illegal speech (direct threat, false statement of fact, incitement, or other statements that may lead to imminent violence), or is in violation of University policy, notify the Dean of Students Office at 207-768-9610.

The views expressed on the wall are those of the authors and do not reflect an official policy or position of UMPI.

The Democracy Wall and these guidelines are based on the Democracy Plaza created on the Indianapolis campus of IUPUI over a decade ago, which has stood as a national model for democratic engagement and civic dialogue. UMPI has adopted this idea for campus use, and credits previous institutions, such as Kennesaw State University, for the adaption of the Democracy Wall.

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