University of Maine at Presque Isle’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We, the faculty, staff, and students of the University of Maine at Presque Isle, do hereby declare our support, acceptance, and respect for our diverse campus community–all individuals, backgrounds, cultures, beliefs and perspectives.

As such, I pledge to:

Support all members of our community. When I see discrimination, intolerance or hatred, I will stand up and speak out.

Encourage civil discourse. While I may not agree with you, I will share my opinions and differences in a considerate and respectful manner.

Educate myself. As a college campus is a place of academic and personal diversity, I will strive to better understand those around me.

Make our campus a safe place. Whether it be fostering an outlet for expression or providing resources that can help others, I will ensure members of my community feel safe.

In following this pledge, I agree to help ensure that everyone feels safe and welcome at the University of Maine at Presque Isle.

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View Pledge Signees

  • Paula J Sirois
  • Jean h cashman
  • Nicole L Fournier
  • Jeff A Davenport
  • Richard Disselt
  • Nashali J Parks
  • Rachel Kristine Stetson
  • Jim Tomlinson
  • Susan R White
  • Eden DiCosimo
  • Christopher Rolon
  • Sarah Sutherland
  • Stacey Emery
  • Zachary Jon McLellan
  • Julie Ann Parks
  • Abigail Lynn Hooper
  • Claire York Thompson
  • Elizabeth Anne Bitar
  • Alexis Dawn Hayes
  • Kelley Lynn McIntyre
  • Janelle L Humphrey
  • Abigail Marie Michaud
  • Katelyn Slauenwhite
  • Brian Alexander Morrison
  • Carolyn Dorsey
  • Donna M Underwood
  • Kim Jones
  • Keli Anne Marston
  • Leah Jennifer Sinko
  • Tomasz Herzog
  • Suzanne M Senechal-Jandreau
  • Kathryn Hersom Higgins
  • Michelle Marie Richards
  • Nancy Pierce
  • Laurie Boucher
  • Michelle l Mishaan
  • Nancy G Nichols
  • Dawn M Bruso
  • Lisa Marie Smith
  • Lea Allen
  • Jacquelyn (Dr. J) Ann Lowman
  • Tara Kate Whiton
  • stacy thibodeau
  • Lydia Kieffer-Till
  • Sara A Farnham
  • Loni Nadeau
  • Linda McLaughlin
  • Dick P Gardiner
  • Courtney L Boma
  • Chunzeng Wang
  • John Harring
  • Reed Nonken
  • Deborah Roark
  • Eluzabeth C Rogers
  • Mary P. Karpen
  • Paul Stanley Tardie III
  • Bethany Elaine Lord
  • April Sarasin
  • suzanne beaudet
  • Famara Muhammad
  • Jenn Deschene
  • Calvin Jonas Richard Mokler
  • Gayla Shaw
  • Nola Belanger
  • Samantha Morton
  • Miranda Diana Cole
  • Tracy L Rockwell
  • Teri St Pierre
  • Shelley L Everitt
  • Karoline Jayne Dillenbeck
  • Kendra A Batchelder
  • Kajuan Deshon Minter
  • Rowena McPherson
  • Larry Feinstein
  • Alyre Eugene Levesque
  • Lisa Udasco
  • Haleigh Shay
  • Danielle E Pelkey
  • Anabela Ançã Mendes
  • Rene Gorneault
  • Annaset Cathleen Jackson
  • Devon Tylor Maynard
  • Steven Wesley Barlow
  • Chuck Ainsworth
  • Carol Marie McGlinn
  • Fred Lon Strickland
  • Ryan J Cote
  • Bergeron
  • Scott A. Harrison
  • Danielle Boyles
  • Heather L Nunez-Olmstead
  • Erin Lynn Jandreau
  • Caragan Ammy Haney
  • Jake Neddeau

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