The UMPI Inclusion and Civility Task Force was established in Fall 2016 and works under the following purpose and mission.

Purpose: To foster inclusion and civility at UMPI in ways that embrace diversity, create solidarity, encourage civil discourse and respect for others, and increase a general feeling of safety on campus.

Mission: The Inclusion and Civility Task Force is a proactive campus group that works to:

  • Build civil discourse both in the academic and social settings across campus.
  • Create greater awareness of all cultures that UMPI represents and encourage participation of those typically underrepresented groups in campus activities.
  • Create a safe space to facilitate any concerns without fear or concern of one’s voice not being heard.
  • Increase the awareness of resources that are available to each student, faculty, and staff member that will ensure their safety across campus.
  • Galvanize all members of campus to stand together and stand up for each other.

Contact Us

Rachel Rice
Chair, Inclusion and Civility Task Force
12 Preble Hall
181 Main St.
Presque Isle, ME 04769

Phone: (207) 768-9447
Fax: (207) 768-9608