Parking Appeals

Parking Appeals

Appealing a Parking Ticket

General Information:
All appeals must be filed with the Coordinator of Safety and Security, in writing, within seven business days after notice of the alleged violation (usually given in the form of a ticket). Any violation not appealed within seven days after receipt of a violation shall be considered non-appealable. If the ticket is not satisfactorily resolved by the Coordinator of Security and Safety, then the person shall have the right to submit a formal request to the Vice-President of Administration and Finance. The Parking Appeals Committee will review the request.
Parking Appeals Committee:
A Faculty-Staff-Student Parking Appeals Committee composed of faculty, staff, and students appointed by the Vice-President of Administration and Finance, consider written appeals for waiving fines or revoking penalties. The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be communicated to the appellant as soon as possible by the Vice-President of Administration and Finance. The Parking Appeals Committee may excuse the ticket or uphold the penalty, but not contradict the prevailing regulations. The Parking Appeals Committee is the final appeal authority.
Grounds for Appeal:
Appeal only when you have valid grounds: You should limit your appeal to those circumstances in which the parking ticket was issued in error, i.e. you did not commit a violation. If the facts show that you committed a violation of parking rules, your appeal may be denied, regardless of the reason or excuse for committing the violation. Your personal opinion that the parking rules are unfair or that there is insufficient parking on campus, is not a legitimate basis for appeal.
Examples of seldom granted appeals:

  • Lack of knowledge of the regulation
  • Lost the citation
  • Forgetfulness
  • Parking only for a short period
  • Inability to find a legally marked parking space
  • Failure to obtain a temporary permit
  • Did not see a parking sign

Recommended format for appeal
An appeal may be granted for two reasons:

  1. That there is substantial evidence that the appellant did not commit the violation for which the citation was issued.
  2. That although the appellant may have committed the violation, circumstances were not under the appellant’s control and prior to being issued the ticket, individual made some attempt to notify Security of the situation, or can produce written verification from a source who was a party verifying that the situation was so unusual that it cannot reasonably occur again.

Parking Ticket Appeal Form