Firearm Storage

Firearm Storage

Firearm Storage Policy

A storage area for firearms has been established in the basement of the Emerson Annex at The University of Maine at Presque Isle. The Office of Security and Safety, under the following guidelines, will grant permission to those wishing to hold or store firearms on The University of Maine at Presque Isle campus.

Definitions of Weapons and Ammunition

A weapon is defined as: An instrument of offensive or defensive combat or something to fight with, and is generally any device capable of projecting a ball, pellet, arrow, bullet, missile, shell or other material. This shall include, but not limited to firearms, bows, arrows, swords, rockets, sling shots, air guns and martial arts devices.

Ammunition is defined as: Any material capable of being projected by a weapon and makes the weapon operational.

  • The firearm(s) must be registered by the owner and stored in the basement of the Emerson Hall Annex.
  • Any person who stores a firearm with the Office of Security and Safety will be required to sign a copy of this Firearms Storage Policy which will be kept on file at the Office of Security and Safety located in Emerson Hall Annex.
  • The University of Maine at Presque Isle, its offices, departments, and personnel will not be held responsible for loss or damage incurred during the storage period.
  • Limit of two firearms per person.
  • All firearms must be signed in and out by the owner only.
  • If the owner is intoxicated or disturbed in any way, he/she will not be allowed to sign out the firearm.
  • Check-in and checkout times for weapon storage are as follows: 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. daily as university staff is available.

Implementation Responsibility: Coordinator of Security and Safety

Effective: Revised – November 2002