The Definition

The Definition

What are competencies?

A competency is defined as an individual capability, proficiency, skill, behavior, value or body of knowledge. For this degree, that includes competencies such as: understanding change models and strategies; understanding cost-volume profit analysis; and having the ability to read and comprehend annual reports.

When you begin work on a particular competency, you will take a pre-assessment to determine which areas you already understand, and then the platform will automatically tailor your learning to the knowledge and skill areas you need to develop further in order to demonstrate mastery.

Each competency has a certain number of objectives, each objective has a certain number of activities tied to it, and each objective has a formative assessment associated with it. Students have three opportunities to successfully complete the formative assessment, and, at the end of the competency, students have one opportunity to successfully complete a summative assessment.

What is YourPace?

Most Competency Based Education (CBE) degree programs are offered by online institutions and, while they vary, they generally have four main characteristics:

  • They apply participants’ prior learning and work experience as college credit toward their CBE degree
  • Instead of courses, they involve a list of competencies that need to be completed
  • Using a digital platform, they provide learning modules for each competency that allow participants to progress as they demonstrate their mastery of academic content
  • They allow students to complete as many competencies as they can during a set time period, at a subscription rate

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