David Falls, UMPI YourPace Online Student

“David completed his bachelor’s degree from UMPI YourPace Online in one year! “The competency-based education (CBE) program really appealed to me because it was ‘learn at your own pace’ and did not follow a tradition semester/class guidelines. The traditional method of classroom learning simply would never work for me as an adult who works full time. The beauty of this learning format is I can start another CBE while finishing up the final for another, therefore not slowing down my progress or pace. My advice to anyone considering YourPace—GO FOR IT! Seriously, as someone who for years has contemplated going back to school but never pulled the trigger due to fear that it would take many years and lots of money, I would highly recommend this program. If you don’t mind working at your own pace and have the ability to push yourself, you can complete this program in a much shorter amount of time than you ever imagined possible.”

Meaghan Cote, UMPI YourPace Online Student

“This program allows me to get classes done on my time that fits within my budget. It is a perfect program for those who have busy lives but want to complete a degree program at an affordable price.”

Chris Ferranti, UMPI YourPace Online Student

“You can put 20 hours into a course and pass over three days if you want to, or take a week off and not feel guilty or that you’re behind.”

Pam Easler, UMPI YourPace Online Student

“Some of the courses I have experience or education already on the material. Because of that, I am able to go through them pretty quickly.”

Perry Leavey, UMPI YourPace Online Student

“I have an extensive work and business background. The flexibility of completing my degree online and at my own pace and convenience was exactly what I needed.”

Jason Ennis, UMPI YourPace Online Student

“I like being able to interact face to face with other people and the teacher to ask questions. But in the end, for me and where I am in my life, this was the only way it was going to work. It’s been a great learning experience.”