Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

PLA is designed to give students course credit based on prior knowledge gained through experiences outside of the classroom.  There are some different options that may be available to you as a YourPace student, and we want to explain them to you here so that can make an informed decision when identifying areas that you may already feel that you are proficient in. These are the options available to students for the PLA process here at UMPI:

The first option is to successfully complete one or more of the exams or options listed here:

  • CLEP
  • AP
  • ACE
  • DANTES/Military Credit

Please note that there is a fee associated with each exam you choose to take, and you may only use PLA for up to 30 credits.

More information on CLEP and AP exams

More information on Dantes or Military Credit

More information on ACE

If none of the testing options listed above will work for you, the next option is to demonstrate proficiency through a challenge exam administered by an UMPI faculty member. This option must be approved by the CBE director, and a faculty member must be available to prepare and administer the exam.

The final option is the portfolio assessment. Please note that the portfolio assessment option is only available upon request and program approval if all other testing options are unavailable.   This option, while a great way to demonstrate proficiency, is labor- intensive and must be completed according to these guidelines.

Please note that there is a substantially large narrative section (approximately 3-5 pages per credit hour) that must be completed in order to receive credit for your portfolio. View examples on how to complete the portfolio.

If you feel the portfolio option is right for you, please apply to begin the process.

For more information on Prior Learning Assessment, watch this video from the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning

If your application is approved, you will be assigned to a faculty member who meet with you initially to discuss your work experience, and subsequently will grade your final portfolio. If you have any questions about this information, please contact Jessica Winslow in the YourPace office at: