About the 2017 event

About the 2017 event

University Day is on Wednesday, April 12, 2017 with the theme Meet in the Middle. Read on for more information about how to participate as a presenter or spectator. A poster session on April 11 will kick off University Day activities, and, the following day, there will be student presentations throughout the day. Folsom/Pullen Hall will serve as the center of activities for registration and presentations. Kelley Commons will shift its entire lunch offering to Wieden Gym, so those on a meal plan will need to come to Wieden between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m..

What Can Students Present?

University Day is intended to display the variety of student work inside and outside the classroom, including presentations related to service learning, research of all types, creative work, activism, community engagement, and more.  If a ‘poster’ or ‘talk’ does not fit your work, please suggest an alternative mode or venue.  Students have used the pool, the gym, the athletic training room, the art gallery, and other facilities to demonstrate their work. Those who produce a poster on MS Powerpoint can send it to the committee to be printed for free. For those who choose to present a poster, there is a full set of resources to help you design a good poster at this link. Click here for information on How to Submit a Presentation.

Proceedings of University Day

This year, the committee is asking for a more detailed abstract so that each presentation (poster or oral) can be included in a Proceedings of University Day 2017. These abstracts will be archived on the University Day website for years to come, and students will be able to cite these on their academic portfolios or resumes, or refer employers, graduate schools or others to this document.  The committee is also giving more time to write the abstract than in years past. The committee is looking for students, along with the mentor, to write a polished abstract!

Student Club Participation

Student clubs should set up tables or displays in Wieden Gymnasium for the lunch session (11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.).  Beth Olsen will be coordinating club participation and set up needs (table, electricity, etc.).

How Can Faculty and Staff Participate in University Day?

The committee would like to further increase the engagement of faculty and staff in mentoring presenters, attending presentations, or helping to judge presentations. Also, more faculty and staff (who don’t have student presenters) are needed to serve as judges.  Please email Pam Easler at pamela.easler@maine.edu to volunteer.

Judging Presentations

Judging will again be done for presenters who are interested. However, two judges per session are needed, and will take additional time to deliberate. A set of presentations will be selected for “Best Poster Presentations” and “Best Oral Presentation,” rather than ranking.  Also, a rubric concerning these presentations will be published in advance of University Day, so students know how they are being assessed.