2015 Awards

2015 Awards

UDayPostersThe University is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2015 University Day Awards. These are awards are given to student presenters for the top talk and poster presentations given during the 14th annual University Day. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!

Talk, First Place

Title of Talk: STEM – By Students, For Students
Student Presenter(s):
  • Kerriann Estabrook
  • Heather Oram
  • Leah Rodriguez
  • Julie Knight
Mentor: Wendy Ross

Talk, Second Place (tie)

Title of Talk: Implications of Proficiency Based Academic Programs for Students With Special Education Needs; Programmatic Strategies for its Implementation
Student Presenter(s):

  • Audra Kirk
  • Holly Matheson
  • Emily Brown
  • Molly Brown

Mentor: William Breton

Talk, Second Place (tie)

Title of Talk: The Power of Persuasion
Student Presenter(s):

  • Kelly Gumprecht
  • Elissa McNeil
  • Christopher Bowden
  • Rebecca Campbell

Mentor: Jacqui Lowman

Talk, Third Place (tie)

Title of Talk: 77 Cents on the Dollar
Student Presenter(s): Jessalyn Levesque
Mentor: Heather Sincavage

Talk, Third Place (tie)

Title of Talk: Community Mosaic in Guatemala
Student Presenter(s):
  • Melanie Maynard
  • Kaitlyn D. Martin
  • Amber E. Michaud
  • Jess Cheney
Mentor: Shirley Rush

Talk, Third Place (tie)

Title of Talk: PFAs in Aroostook County
Student Presenter(s):
  • Mitchell Bartlett
  • Connor Boulier
  • Morgan Svitila
  • Idella Thompson
  • Stephen St. Peter
  • Craig Pullen
  • Tonya Godin
  • Mackenzie Hey
  • Cassie Cyr
Mentor: Lisa Leduc

Poster, First Place

Title of Talk: Assessing the Link between Antibiotic-Resistant Genes in Health Care Facilities and Environmental Reservoirs
Student Presenter(s): Abigail Riitano
Mentor: Larry Feinstein

Poster, Second Place

Title of Talk: The Next Bee Doctor
Student Presenter(s): Ashley Johnston
Mentor: Scott Dobin and Peter Butzloff

Poster, Third Place

Title of Talk: Development of a Bee Gut Microbiota Assay
Student Presenter(s): Rodney MacLean
Mentor: Scott Dobrin and Larry Feinstein

Poster, Fourth Place

Title of Talk: An Act to Protect Children from Sexual Predators, Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault
Student Presenter(s):
  • Kristin Crowe
  • Krissy Gowen
Mentor: Jean Cashman