2017 Awards

2017 Awards

The University is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 University Day Awards. These awards are given to student presenters for the top talk and poster presentations given during the 16th annual University Day. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!

Photos from University Day 2017

Talk Presentation Award Recipients

Title of Talk: Civic Responsibility of College Students in Poland and the US: a comparative study
International Students Expo
Student Presenter(s): Chelsey Briggs, Kimmi Bauchman, Kristen West, Lukas Lagasse
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tomasz Herzog

Title of Talk: In Media Res: Finding the story in Creative Nonfiction
Student Presenter(s): Melissa Lizotte, Virginia White, Kate Asam, Lassana Dorleh, Lossene Dorleh
Faculty Mentor: Deborah Hodgkins

Title of Talk: Pieces: The objectification of the female body
Student Presenter(s): Arianna Forbes
Faculty Mentor: Carol Ayoob

Title of Talk: Lost in Translation
Student Presenter(s): Brynn Staples, Lassana Dorleh, Lossene Dorleh,
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lea Allen

Title of Talk: Forever Wild 
Student Presenter(s): Erin Keehn, Tong Liu, Melissa Lizotte, Garrett DeLong, Brandy Smith, Monica Hewitt, Joshua Cross, Meghan Legassie
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jacqui Lowman

Title of Talk: Maine Policy Scholar – Assessing the Protection from Abuse Order Process in Maine
Student Presenter(s): Idella Thompson
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lisa Leduc

Title of Talk: Accounting: One game piece at a time
Student Presenter(s): Kerrigan Arnett
Faculty Mentor: Stacey Emery

Poster Presentation Award Recipients

Title of Talk: Does the early bird always get the worm?
Student Presenter(s): Carly Bell, Bonnie Corey
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jason Johnston

Title of Talk: Geospatial Analysis and Mapping of Crime Data in PI, ME
Student Presenter(s): Theodore Gilliam
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Chunzeng Wang

Title of Talk: Reconstructing glacial ice-surface lowering of the Potanin glacier during the last termination
Student Presenter(s): Nathaniel Norris
Faculty Mentor: David Putnam

Title of Talk: An Act to Delay the implementation of certain portions of the marijuana legalization act (LD 88)
Student Presenter(s): Deborah L. Jones
Faculty Mentor: Lori Deshaine

Title of Talk: Tracking sources of prehistoric cherty artifacts collects at Sawyer Farm of Ashland to North Maine Woods
Student Presenter(s): Caleb Ward, Daniel Swallow
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Chunzeng Wang

Title of Talk: Applying UAV/drone and GIS technologies to map Kings Grove cemetery of Mars Hill
Student Presenter(s): Andrew Dolley
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Chunzeng Wang

Title of Talk: Near-infrared light therapy – effect on ATP production
Student Presenter(s): Sean Barbosa
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Scott Dobrin