2019 University Day Awards

2019 University Day Awards

The University is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 University Day Awards. These awards are given to student presenters for the top talk and poster presentations given during the 18th annual University Day. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!

Talk Presentation Award Recipients

Teaching in Their Shoes:  What We’ve Learned About Effective Teacher Preparation
Tristen Sutherland
Kristen West
Mentor:  Alana Margeson

Maine Policy Scholar
Evan Zarkadas
Mentor:  Larry Feinstein

In Their Shoes:  The Floor Workers
Kerrigan Arnett
Mentor:  Kim Jones

Leaving the Owls Nest
Brandy Smith
Tiffany Smith
Mentor:  Jacqui Lowman

Uncovering the History of the Underground Railroad in Maine
Kate Asam
Lacey Good
Sarah Harris
Matt Payan
Adam Weyeneth
Evan Zarkadas
Mentor:  Lea Allen

One School, One Legacy:  The History of UMPI
Tiffany Smith
Evan Zarkadas
Mentor:  Kim Sebold

Defining Myself:  Race, Gender, Identity
Riana Teizeria
Mentor:  Shirley Rush


Poster Presentation Award Recipients

Special thanks to Chunzeng Wang for his assistance with printing the posters.

GIS Application in Orchard Mapping: MSAD#l Educational Farm
Jessica Cameron
Mentor: Chunze Wang

Overview of Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals
Kelley McNary
Mandie Morin
Mentor: Allen Salo

Discovering Local History with GIS
Evan Zarkadas
Mentor: Kim Sebold

Impact of Storage Condition on Pectobacterium Parimentieri on Red Norland Aroostook Potatoes
Cody Theriault
Mentor: Larry Feinstein

LD 69, SP0022
Riania Teixeira
Melanie Griffin
Mentor: Lori Deschaine

Effect of Green Manure on Soil Health
Taylor Skinner
Noah Margeson
Caleb Harris
Mentors: Lakesh Sharma, Sukhwinder Bali

Cognitive Load Theory
Makayla Baker
Mentor: Alana Margeson