Final Grade Policy

Final Grade Policy

UMPI Final Course Grade Policy Document
REVISED 8-1-18

Proficiency Achievement Course Letter Grade
Advanced Course Proficiency

  • Student has submitted evidence of exceptional performance of critical knowledge and skill levels, including those identified in all course outcomes
  • Earned by students who meet with conspicuous excellence every demand that can fairly be made by the course
Course Proficiency

  • Student has submitted evidence of meeting expectations of critical knowledge and skills identified in critical and supplemental course outcomes
  • Earned by students who add to the fundamental proficiency through evidence of attainment in categories such as the following: organization, accuracy, originality, understanding, insight.
Fundamental Course Proficiency

  • Student has submitted evidence of meeting the minimum expectations identified in critical course outcomes
  • Earned by students who submit evidence of limited experience in basic knowledge and skills associated with course outcomes
Failed to demonstrate fundamental proficiency within the course F
Not Proficient

  • Student earned additional time to demonstrate proficiency in a critical course outcome(s)

  • Student met minimal expectations of course outcomes
Incomplete I
Student stopped attending, recorded as an F L
Withdrawal W

* institutional scale for programs, following any necessary weighting, and inclusion of other assessment evidence (i.e., dispositions).

Critical elements implied with this proposal:

  • Weighting of outcomes
  • Clear articulation of how instructor’s method of grading leads to final course grade (above)
  • Use of rubrics that summatively describe course outcome proficiency levels
    • Summative rubrics developed for each primary course outcome using a 1-4 scale [3 designating proficiency] that aggregates all assessments assigned to the individual outcome
    • Each rubric weighted as deemed appropriate prior to final calculation
    • Final letter grade calculated by average of all course outcome rubric scores, following inclusion of other course assessments (i.e., dispositions)
  • Clear and consistent articulation of measurable course outcomes
  • Careful design of assessments/ clear alignment to course outcomes
  • Awareness of specifically where and how assessments align to course outcomes
  • Ongoing feedback to students regarding progress toward meeting course outcomes
  • Programs using 1-4 scale practices currently would link to this final grade policy.