Transfer Students

Transfer Students

Thinking about Transferring?

Changing from one school to another doesn’t have to be scary. Whatever the reason for the change–location, career interests, continuing on for a higher degree or wanting a smaller, more personal school–you need to make sure that your choice works best for you. Once you’ve made up your mind about changing schools, the hardest thing left to do is to make the decision on where you want to transfer, and we want to show you why UMPI is the answer.

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Is UMPI accredited?

Yes, UMPI is accredited by The New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). This means that UMPI meets standards for formal education, financial stability, admissions and student personnel services, institutional resources, student academic achievement, institutional effectiveness and relationships with constituencies inside and outside the institution.

In addition several academic areas are nationally accredited. These include: Athletic Training, Social Work, MLT (Medical Laboratory Technician), and Education. This means that experts in their areas recognize them for meeting high standards in their disciplines.

How do my credits count?

UMPI has a favorable track record when it comes to credits transferring in. We accept transfer credits from colleges and universities that are regionally accredited. You must have received a C- or better in a course for it to transfer. Courses may transfer equally for UMPI courses or may come in as elective credit.

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How does the credit transfer process work?

The admissions department can create an initial unofficial draft to estimate what credits will transfer into UMPI. You can expect most core classes–i.e. English Composition, Intro to Psychology, College Algebra–to transfer into our General Education Core.

An official audit of your credits will be conducted by the registrar’s office after you are accepted using your official transcripts. There is typically a 10-day turnaround time after everything has been submitted.

Do you offer a prior learning assessment?

We know learning can occur not only in the classroom, but also through both life and work experiences. Learn more about how you can receive credit for your prior learning experiences.

One option is a portfolio assessment. You are required to work closely with both your professional and academic advisor to create your portfolio. Learn more about how the portfolio assessment works.

I might need some help with some of my classes. Is that something that I can get there?

Yes, there is a great tutoring staff available for all classes. Our Learning Commons offers Professional tutoring and peer tutoring free of charge. It also provides one-on-one tutoring for writers at all levels of course work to help with all stages of the writing process. The center staff help with everything from coming up with an idea for something to write to helping revise a completed paper.

I’ve heard that books can be very expensive. Is there anything that I can do about that?

The University of Maine at Presque Isle has joined the growing number of universities that no longer sell textbooks in the traditional manner. UMPI, in an effort to reduce the cost of course materials that students are required to purchase, has partnered with MBS Direct to supply textbooks to our students. Students will have multiple choices when ordering–based on availability, students may choose to purchase a new book, a used book, rent a book or, if available, rent a digital version of the book. Books may also be sold back through the website at any point during the semester!

Are there places on campus that will allow me to do homework if I don’t have a laptop?

Yes! The Center for Innovative Learning houses quiet places to study as well as a computer lab. We also have a student lounge on each side of the campus–The Owl’s Nest and Whoo’s Hut. These lounges have computers available for use and comfortable seating for studying. There are also study lounges located in each of the dorms.

What is the best way to meet new people and become involved?

PARTICIPATE! Go to activities that are happening around campus. Take part in sporting events, either as a team member or just cheering on the Owls, join a club or organization, and attend events provided by our Student Activities Office!

Your campus is smaller from where I'm transferring. Does that mean that there isn’t much to do there?

NO! There are lots of things to do if you choose to participate! There are over 30 different clubs and organizations in which you can join and become involved. We have student activities events–magicians, A capella groups, movie nights and more. Become part of the Blue Crew–get out and cheer on your UMPI Owls. Get involved in the surrounding community–volunteer, bike, hike, ski, snowshoe, swim, walk, shop, eat… just enjoy yourself!

Is there an Honors program?

UMPI has an Honors Program that gives students an opportunity to look more deeply into individual areas of interest by offering Honors level courses, seminars and guest lectures. The program is open to all students.