National Student Exchange

National Student Exchange

Want to visit a different part of the country for a semester (or a year) while earning credit toward your UMPI degree in a very cost-affordable way? Then the National Student Exchange program might be just the adventure for you.

The NSE allows you to study at another campus in the U.S., Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands (there are more than 180 universities to choose from). Sure, you’re going to learn new life skills, immerse yourself in a new environment, and have the opportunity to take courses (or a minor) not available here at UMPI, but the BIG news is that you pay either your normal UMPI tuition or the in-state or in-province tuition of the university you visit.

As a UMPI student, you’re part of a small percentage of students in Maine who get access to this amazing opportunity: UMPI is one of only two universities in Maine that offers the National Student Exchange program.

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Some important things to note:

  • You may apply as a freshman to participate in NSE during your sophomore, junior or senior year, so you may want to start planning for this adventure as soon as you’re accepted.
  • There are eligibility requirements to consider, so you’ll want to meet with our NSE campus coordinator to get the details.
  • There are study abroad options, so if you want to experience another part of the world, be sure to ask about international programs.
  • The cost to apply is $175 (non-refundable) and you’ll want to talk to our NSE campus coordinator about any additional fees required by a university you may select to visit.
  • This year’s deadline to apply is Feb. 16, 2016, so get in touch with our NSE campus coordinator soon!

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