SAP Policy for YourPace undergraduates

SAP Policy for YourPace undergraduates



YourPace/ CBE Program

In compliance with Federal Student Aid Regulations, the University of Maine at Presque Isle Competency Based Education Program Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for financial aid eligibility incorporates the University’s scholastic standards with the federal requirements for a specific time frame for degree completion. Students must meet these minimum Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements in order to be eligible for student aid funds.  Each of the four following standards must be met:

Quantitative Measurement: Qualitative Measurement:
Matriculating students are required to successfully complete a specific percentage of credits that are attempted.  The University uses the following scales: Matriculating students are required to maintain a grade point average based on the number of credits that are earned.  The University uses the following scales:
Credits Attempted Percentage Passed Four Year Program Two Year Program
0-45 55% Credits Earned GPA Credits Earned GPA
46-60 60% 0-45 1.7 0-45 1.8
61-75 65% 46-60 1.8 46+ 2.0
76-90 70% 61-75 1.9
91+ 75% 76+ 2.0

The Quantitative Measure also includes a semester based requirement of successfully completing a minimum of 50% of the semester enrollment.

Maximum Time Frame:

Federal regulations require that the University set a maximum time frame for successful completion of degree programs.  For a four year degree, the University has set the maximum number of attempted credits as 180.  For our two year programs, the maximum number of credits attempted is 90.  If a student attempts more credits than the maximum number identified for his/her degree, he/she is not eligible to receive financial aid.

Attempted Hours

For the purpose of this policy, attempted hours are calculated in this manner:  Students enrolled as full-time and assessed the full-time fee will be considered as attempting 12 credits each semester.  Students enrolled as part-time and assessed the part-time fee will be considered as attempting 6 credits each semester.

Passed Hours

For the purpose of this policy, passed hours include:  Passed credits hours posted during the term that can be used for the purpose of completing degree requirements.

Transfer Students

If a student earned credits at a previous institution(s) that will be accepted toward his/her degree, those accepted hours will be included as attempted hours for the purposes of Satisfactory Academic Progress evaluation.  For example, if a student attempted 15 hours at the University of Maine at Presque Isle and transferred in 30 credits to his/her academic record, all tests to evaluate Satisfactory Academic Progress (Quantitative, Qualitative and Maximum Time Frame) would be based on 45 attempted hours.

Financial Aid Probation and Suspension

Satisfactory Academic Progress for the Competency Based Education Program is measured at the end of each semester. Upon review, if it is determined that the student is not making Satisfactory Academic Progress, he/she will be notified in writing that his/her eligibility for financial aid has been suspended.

Appeal of Financial Aid Suspension

A student placed on Financial Aid Suspension who has experienced undue hardship, (ie.  death of a relative of the student; personal injury or prolonged illness of the student; or special circumstances as determined by the institution.), may submit a written appeal, normally within 30 days of notification, to the Assistant Director of Financial Aid.  The appeal must explain the circumstance that prevented the standards from being met.  Providing third party documentation, if available, supporting the circumstance is suggested.  In the case of undue hardship, the student may be placed on Financial Aid Probation for one period, and will be able to receive financial aid during that time.  If at the end of the probationary period the minimum standards are not met, or the student has failed to meet the requirements of the academic plan developed as part of the probation period, the student’s financial aid eligibility will be suspended. All appeals will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee.  The student will receive written notification of the committee’s decision within 30 days of receipt of the appeal.

           Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form

Condition of Financial Aid Reinstatement

Students must complete the required number of credits and achieve the corresponding cumulative GPA as outlined during the probationary period in order to have their financial aid eligibility reinstated.

Effective January 1, 2019