Payment Plans

Payment Plans

The University offers students and parents the option of paying for tuition and fees in monthly installments. The payment plan is offered on a semester basis. Students who choose to pay using the payment plan must enroll in a new payment plan each semester. The following is a schedule of due dates for the Fall and Spring semesters.

Four Month Payment Plan
Enrollment fee: $30.00

Fall Semester

Due Dates Amount Of Payment
August 15th 1/4 of account balance
September 15th 1/3 of remaining balance
October 15th 1/2 of remaining balance
November 15th Remaining balance

Spring Semester

Due Dates Amount Of Payment
January 1st 1/4 of account balance
February 1st 1/3 of remaining balance
March 1st 1/2 of remaining balance
April 1st Remaining balance

NOTE: Since most Summer session classes are of short duration, no formal payment plans are offered. The University does, however, make payment arrangements on an individual basis.