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UMPI’s Strategic Plan 2025

UMPI’s Strategic Plan 2025

Dear UMPI Community,

I am very pleased to share with you, today, our complete Strategic Plan 2025.

As I note in its introductory letter, UMPI has been on a deliberate continuous improvement journey over the past five years, with ongoing work in areas ranging from organizational structure, to our campus culture, to our academic portfolio.  The Strategic Plan 2025 presented here is not only a document that sets forth transformative goals, but ones that are shaped and impacted, directly and indirectly, by our global environs.  As you review it, I hope you will note our continuing attention to an outstanding academic experience for all learners, regardless of their geographic location, through the support of faculty and staff who embrace an ethic of care and convey it in our daily actions and interactions.

I also acknowledge that we have much work left to do.  This document reflects our new Vision, Mission, and updated Institutional Values.  It also states directly our commitment to inclusion and diversity.  As we more fully engage and develop our initiatives in these areas, updates and initiatives will be incorporated within a revised Strategic Plan, one which thus documents not only our goals for the next five years, but is a living record of our recognition that we must always be open to addressing the needs of our students and ourselves as we encounter them.

My great thanks to the wide and diverse group of individuals who have been involved in this process.  It was truly the most dynamic and inclusive SP process I have ever been a part of and I could not be more proud of the result.

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