Credit – College – Career

Credit – College – Career

Career Exploration Pathways are the courses, or map, towards your future career.  Every college certificate and degree has courses that are designed to give you the knowledge to succeed at your career.  By choosing concurrent enrollment courses that align with your career, you can get a jump-start on some of those requirements right now.  When you complete all the courses in one of our Early College Career Exploration pathways you will receive an early college certificate designation on your UMPI transcript!

What Early College Pathway Certificates are offered at UMPI?

If you are not sure which career pathway is right for you, simply choose an area you are interested in.  If you need more time to decide, select a course that will apply towards a variety of degrees.


Why earn an Early College Certificate at UMPI?

There are lots of reasons why you’ll want to take advantage of our Early College Pathway Certificates. When you complete one of our six Early College Pathway offerings, you can seamlessly transition to our corresponding degree programs, saving you time and money. Here are other benefits:

  • Earn up to 12 college credits per academic year tuition-free. You must qualify for MDOE Aspirations/Concurrent Enrollment.
  • Get your college application fee waived when you complete a Pathway Certificate.
  • Get your tuition deposit waived for Early College students that have an average of B- or better in their Early College courses.
  • Leverage your location: go to school in Aroostook County, earn a degree in Aroostook County, and get a job in Aroostook County!