Business Pathway

Business Pathway

Interested in the fast-paced world of business and industry or in becoming an entrepreneur? Then this pathway may be for you.

If you want to focus in an area such as accounting, marketing, finance, or human resource management, or prepare for a career where you’ll be leading organizations through innovation and change, this pathway will help you get there faster.

Course Credit Hours
BUS 101 3 cr hrs
ENG 101 3 cr hrs
PSY 100 3 cr hrs
HTY 161 3 cr hrs
MAT 117 3 cr hr

The Early College Business Pathway may lead to programs in a variety of majors including the following:

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
    • Management & Leadership
    • Project Management & Information Systems
    • Recreation
  • Cybersecurity

Completion of these majors allow students to pursue graduate studies or careers in the following fields:

  • Accounting Manager
  • Bank Manager
  • Personal Financial Planner
  • Retail Manager
  • Project Management
  • Small Business Ownership