Canadian Post-Baccalaureate Program Requirements

Canadian Post-Baccalaureate Program Requirements

Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Education Program Requirements


The University has a rolling admissions policy, which means students can apply at anytime. This policy doesn’t work well for the post baccalaureate teacher certification program. First, for students coming from Canada, there is paperwork for a visa that takes time–you need to fill out an affidavit of support form that asks for financial information. Second, the University has limited slots. Sometimes the seats fill up early, sometimes late. So we suggest that students apply no later than mid-July. Sooner is better. For students applying after July, please call first.


We accept students with an overall GPA of 3.0.


A student that begins our program with the intention of completing 45 EDU credit hours will complete it in 3 semesters carrying 5 half year courses for two semesters (30 credit hours) on the campus and a third semester in their home area for the student teaching practicum(15 credit hours).
Students who want the 60 hour program will carry 6 half year courses for two semesters (36 credit hours)on campus, a compact summer session of 3 courses (9 credit hours) and a third semester of a student teaching practicum (15 credit hours).
If a student comes to us with courses in education from their first degree they will count toward the total hours required by their province.


We require two letters of recommendation, preferably from academics and official transcripts from all universities you have attended. We also need verification that you have worked with children/youth for a minimum of 50 hours. If you have not done this you will be expected to complete 50 hours while you are in the program. The Maine Department of Education requires that applicants for teacher certification must achieve the established qualifying scores on the Praxis I, the Praxis II and in some cases the PLT exams before initial certification is granted. Post baccalaureate students are not required to take these tests before being admitted to the program.


Maine State Law requires that all students who are enrolled full-time or part-time in a degree program show proof of immunity to the following infectious diseases: measles (rubeola), rubella (German measles), mumps (2 MMR, both after your 1st birthday) if born after December 31, 1956, and tetanus/diphtheria (TD) all students regardless of age. Students will not be able to register for classes without proof of immunization.